Encantadia September 2 2016

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Watch Encantadia September 2 2016 Full Episode Replay

The 2005 hit fantasy series “Encantadia” is making a comeback in 2016. Replacing Poor Senorita

The sisters’ strong bond is broken when Pirena discovers that she is unlike them. Their mother, Ynang Reyna Minea, is afraid of her desire to become the ruler of Encantadia and it is this imagined betrayal that leads her to become susceptible to the manipulations of Hagorn, King of Hathoria. This sets into motion an epic journey for the Sang’gres to discover the importance of family, love, and forgiveness.

In the world of Encantadia, four Sang’gres guard the gems that hold the power to maintain peace and harmony in the land. Pirena, the eldest of the four Sang’gres, is the keeper of the Gem of Fire. Passionate and outspoken, the fiery young woman wishes to become the next queen of the diwatas (fairies). Amihan, the second eldest, is the keeper of the Gem of Air. Mature and nurturing, her nature is to protect her loved ones no matter the cost.

Alena, the third sister, is the keeper of the Gem of Water. Romantic and carefree, she lives to love and is in a quest to find the person who will complete her. And Danaya, the youngest, is the keeper of the Gem of Earth. Fearless and headstrong, she has an unwavering sense of justice, which is tested as she learns that the world is never black and white.