Abbie Tolentino Scandal

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Watch Abbie Tolentino Scandal Is Now Going Viral Online!


After the viral video of Rapbeh, here goes another leaked video entitled ‘Iniputan sa Ulo Scandal’ of Abbie Tolentino.

It is spreading like a wildfire and searches over internet are getting higher.

Abbie Tolentino is a freelance model and Karl Enrique also known as Ken Mnl is the hot topic now in social media.Part 1 , part 2 and part 3 are FB leaked now

The video was shared in social media by netizens. It show a dim light wherein Abbie Tolentino and Ken Mnl are making love.

Meanwhile, Abbie is still not making any statements regarding this issue.

Her boyfriend’s reaction is also awaited by netizens who wanted to know the truth behind the allegations to her.

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