Haplos September 1 2017


Haplos September 1 2017 replay is a 2017 Philippine romantic fantasy drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Sanya Lopez and Rocco Nacino. It is set to premiere on July 10, 2017 replacing D’ Originals on GMA Afternoon Prime block. It is the series with the same name of 1980’s teleserye of Ms. Rio Locsin as Angela.

Haplos, is about Angela, a young lass with an extraordinary capability to treat others through her caress, and Gerald is Angela’s hardworking and successful boyfriend. Whilst; Lucille, is a cunning, vicious, ruthless, selfish, and ambitious woman, Angela’s half-sister and Renato’s bastard to his mistress, who has the capability of hurting others through her caress, Angela’s opposite. Through Mercedes, the evil mother of Angela, will push her daughter to sow evilness in the world. Forces of evil and good are on havoc

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