Marimar August 24 2015

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Watch Marimar (Pilot) August 24 2015(08/24/2015) full episode replay

  Marimar (Pilot) August 24 2015» Watch pinoy tv replay online for free on Aug 24 2015(08/24/2015) at pinoy tambayan tv channel. Watch pinoy tv channel online.

Retail business heir GUSTAVO ALDAMA had a whirlwind romance with poor working undergrad MIA. Pilit silang pinaghihiwalay ng mga Aldama but he went ahead and eloped with her. Because of this, Gustavo was cut off from his family and his inheritance. Mia gets pregnant and Gustavo struggles to make a life for himself and his family. After Bella is born, Gustavo’s parents visit them and tell Gustavo that they want him to come back. They are now willing to accept Gustavo’s new family. Gustavo goes back to the family business where he will work with his ex-girlfriend, Brenda, whom his parents still want for her. Brenda herself tells Mia that Gustavo is having an affair with her. Mia runs away with baby Bella and rides a boat to go to her sister who works at a resort. On the way, the boat hits an oil tanker which explodes.

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