Poor Senorita June 14 2016

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Episode 52

The children are playing hover board in the garage. Girlie is trying the hover board on her own. She sees the gate open. She goes outside. Suddenly, a man who goes by the name of Boyet comes up to her. He is with his wife Minerva. He introduces himself as her father. He also says that her real name is Kimberly. Girlie is dumbfounded. Just then, Buttercup sees Boyet talking to Girlie. She tries to grab a hold of the child, but Minerva pushes her away. Buttercup runs panicking to the house. She tells Rita what happened. The latter immediately runs out of the house.   Rita retrieves Girlie from Boyet and Minerva. He says that they saw Girlie on TV that is why they were able to track her down. Edna believes it is nothing but a modus operandi. Livid, Rita asks them to go away before she calls the security. Boyet and Minerva leave.   Back at the house, the children talk about the incident. Charisse says that Girlie has no way of knowing who his father is because she was still a baby when she got separated from him. Meanwhile, Rita tells Maika that she will do everything to protect Girlie from Boyet. But Maika says that she still has no legal rights to the children.   Before going to sleep, Rita checks on the children. The kids are worried that if Rita becomes too preoccupied with work, she might choose to give them away. But Rita assures them she will never do that. They all hug.   The next day, Boyet and Minerva go up to Edna and Paeng in Barangay Masagana. Boyet claims that she is indeed Girlie’s father. To prove it, she shows them a picture of them together when Girlie was still a baby. Written on the back was a note from Jocelyn, Girlie’s mother. Edna and Paeng give him a benefit of the doubt.   Meanwhile, Edison sees a news article with a photo showing Rita with the children. He is surprised to see Kyla with his cousin. He wants to see his friend. But Deborah stops him from doing so. He tells her son that she does not want him talking to Kyla again.   Edna tells Rita what Boyet told them. But Rita still would not believe him. Edna says to give him the benefit of the doubt. Annoyed, Rita takes Girlie out to play in the playground.   At the playground, Charisse and Girlie are playing together. Rita is on the phone talking to her lawyer. The lawyer tells her that the only way to find out if he is telling the truth if they conduct a DNA test. Meanwhile, Girlie sees a cat stuck on the tree. She climbs it. But she slips. She is hanging by the branch. Rita sees her. She panics. Just then, Boyet springs up from nowhere and saves Girlie.

Poor Señorita GMA 7 telebabad is a Filipino comedy-drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Regine Velasquez, Ayra Mariano, Jillian Ward, Miggs Cuaderno, Zymic Jaranilla and Caprice Cayetano. It premiered on March 28, 2016 replacing Little Nanay on the network’s GMA Telebabad block, and also aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

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