Poor Senorita May 27 2016

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Episode 40

Rita tells the children the she will be gone for about six months. She tells them that Ligaya promised to give her a raise if she comes with her in Cebu. Rita is planning to use the money to send the children to school. But the children are not in favor of the idea; they ask Rita to stay. But she has already made up her mind. She also wants to take this opportunity to be away from Paeng.


A maid comes out to tell Rita that Ligaya is looking for her. Rita bids good-bye to the children. She closes the gate, leaving the children outside. She walks straight to the mansion, without even turning around. All the children could do is cry.


Back at home, the children direct their anger at Paeng. They believe that he is the main reason why Rita had to go away to Cebu.


At the Villon Mansion, Edison asks his mother Deborah if she could help her friend Kyla get a job at the Señorita Scents. But Niña intercepts. She tells Deborah not get anybody she does not know fully well.


At the office, Paeng asks Maika if she could help convince the children that he did not do anything wrong to Rita. Maika says yes.


When Kilmer finds out that Maika has cancelled on their date to go to Paeng’s house, he starts suspecting that the two indeed have an affair. He vows to exact revenge on Paeng. Later that day, he starts unearthing some of the weapons that he has long buried. He also takes out his ninja outfit. Kilmer the ninja is back!


At the yagit’s house, Maika convinces the children that Paeng is a good person, and that the only reason why he had to go on dates with Piper was to ferret out information as to what really happened to Rita. The children are finally convinced. They forgive Paeng.


It was only until later that the the children realize that they forgot to tell Paeng that Rita is leaving for Cebu. They are afraid that it was already too late for Paeng to stop Rita. They all rush out to tell Paeng the truth. Frantic, Paeng and Jordan hurriedly goes to Ligaya’s mansion. But when they arrive there, they learn from the house help that Rita has already left. Paeng is devastated.

Poor Señorita GMA 7 telebabad is a Filipino comedy-drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Regine Velasquez, Ayra Mariano, Jillian Ward, Miggs Cuaderno, Zymic Jaranilla and Caprice Cayetano. It premiered on March 28, 2016 replacing Little Nanay on the network’s GMA Telebabad block, and also aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

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